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Frequently Asked Questions

I just started singing; do you work with beginners as well?
Absolutely! I fact, I really enjoy working with students who are just starting out. It is fun to pick a goal and then start working towards it together. No matter what your issues are, we’ll find a way to take care of them.

How long does it take to get my voice going?
It really depends on your current skill level, frequency of lessons, your practicing habits, and the goals you have set for yourself. Although you’ll start getting results immediately, it takes time for your vocal mechanism to build the muscle memory to do it right all the time. Keep in mind that you are the instrument, in other words, you don’t get to see how to hit the notes the correct way, but you only get to experience the physical sensation that goes with it. So it takes time and practice. Have patience.

How often should I practice?
Ideally every day. You do this by singing along to the exercise portion of your last lesson recording. If we worked on a song as well, then you can choose how often you’d like to practice it in between lessons. Of course we understand that everyone has a busy schedule, but the exercise portion of your lesson recording is really not that long. If you can’t practice daily, then try every other day or so. Whichever routine you set for yourself, try to stick to it. Remember; it is the repetition that will build the muscle memory!

Am I supposed to keep all the lesson recordings I get over time?
We definitely recommend that you do so. As you progress with your training you will notice that on certain days your voice isn’t doing what it was doing the day before. If you keep all your recordings, you’ll learn to find an mp3 in your collection that addresses the specific problem you may be having that day. And… listening back to some of your earlier lessons can be quite a boost!!

Will we work on anything besides technique during my lessons?
Absolutely! It takes a lot more to deliver a song than just hitting all the notes in all the right places. We’ll work on rhythm, phrasing, styling, emotional content, etc. as soon as you can sing through your current song without technical difficulties. In addition you can visit the workshops we put together to work on your “non-technical” skills even more.

I’ve heard that you need to sing Classical music to get your voice going… but I’m not really into Classical. Is that a problem?
Oh no, absolutely not! We will find songs in your preferred musical genres (anything goes!) and teach you how to apply what you learn about technique and style to them. We never let a student work on a song he/she doesn’t like!

If you have a question you would like to see answered on this page, please send an e-mail to me!