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Vocal Technique

Agata teaches mix, vocal technique used by most successful singers in the world. Have a look at a short description of how mix works. In order for any stringed instrument to function efficiently two elements must be present: one, the vibration of the string creating the pitch, and two, the[…]

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Join me at my professional teaching studio, located in Graz, a beautiful Austrian city. I will show you how to get the feeling of mix in your voice, how to go through your entire range in a smooth way, and how to use your voice effectively in any style you[…]

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Frequently Asked Questions I just started singing; do you work with beginners as well? Absolutely! I fact, I really enjoy working with students who are just starting out. It is fun to pick a goal and then start working towards it together. No matter what your issues are, we’ll find[…]

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