Agata Pisko

About Agata

Jazz singer and voice teacher. Strong fan of a healthy vocal technique. Founder of Agata Pisko Vocal Corner, a voice studio in Graz. Graduated from several university programs in Poland and Austria, finding Kunst Uni Graz the most important.

Student of world best jazz singers such as Mark Murphy and Sheila Jordan and of world best vocal technique instructors such as Dean Kaelin and Dave Stroud.

From 2004 till 2010, Agata was a member of the legendary organisation Speech Level Singing and reached level three certification.

Agata has been teaching voice for over eleven years now. She combines the knowledge of students taught in the classical European way and the new American logic in teaching vocal technique.

Her list of students includes clients local and international, children to adult, professionals from Gospel, Heavy-Metal, R&B, Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Musical Theatre as well as non-professionals who just want to feel confident singing at the next birthday party.

Agata taught at numerous workshops including yearly International Summer Jazz Academy in Krakow, Poland, Into The Groove in Austria, Kindersingwoche in Austria, worked as a vocal coach with several choirs such as Pop Vox Graz and Gospel Choir Graz.

She is now a proud member of „International Voice Teachers Of Mix“ and „Natural Voice Perfection“

Her repertoire and style are strongly influenced by the vocal masters she had a chance to study with, such as Sheila Jordan, Mark Murphy, Madeline Eastman, Marguerite Juenemann, Rebecca Parris.

She is well known as a lead singer of a jazz group, Agata Pisko Trio. Agata lives currently in Austria, Europe.